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Did you know?

What are the Impact Awards?

We catch our people doing things right and for going the extra mile to make a positive impact for our valued customers’ experiences.
Impact Awards is the employee recognition program run by an independent and international organisation, The WOW! Awards, recognising outstanding customer service based purely on customer nominations. The Nomination Form found online enables a quick and easy way to simply say thank you for an exceptional customer service experience.

Why should I make a nomination?

At JLL, we are committed to raising the bar for our service standards and creating a movement to pay it forward. Your nomination will help us recognise and reward our team and help us capture these wonderful stories to better understand what matters most to you.

Who can I nominate?

Any member of our team is eligible to be recognised and nominated for the Impact Awards.

Will the person/team I have nominated find out?

The person you nominate will receive your compliment in an email and their manager will be copied in too.
The comment will also be posted on our Recent Nominations feed, where you can ‘like’ and share it on social media.

What happens when I make a nomination?

When you make a nomination, a designated Impact Awards Champion will be notified.
They will make sure the person you have nominated receives your compliment.
After this, it goes through to The WOW! Awards, an independent judging panel who decide whether it will be awarded a digital certificate and further recognition and celebration amongst JLL Management and their team.

What is the criteria for receiving an award?

We are looking for extraordinary, heart-warming stories, that just make you say ‘WOW!
This could be an innovative solution to a problem, someone going way above and beyond their role or consistent, stand out service.